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What you need to know

  • Enjoy the tiki krooz and take pictures.

  • Passengers are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Allow time to purchase tickets and be ready 20 minutes before departure time.

  • There is no assigned seating, and you may move around the Tiki boat.

  • Six passengers are the maximum allowed per krooz.

  • Missouri State law prohibits ILunds from selling or serving alcohol on the Krooz.

         - HOWEVER - 

  • You can bring your alcohol on board along with snacks!  Please                                                                                                             ~ No glass is allowed!                                                                             ~ Bring and show your ID while boarding.                      ~ Drink Responsively.

  • Tiki Krooz's and Private Krooz's are for adults looking for a leisurely relaxing ride. 

  • The tiki boat has a kroozing speed of around 4 to 6 mph.

  • There are no bathrooms aboard the Tiki boat. Please plan accordingly.

  • Captains are all licensed by the United States Coast Guard.

What You Need To Know

For your safety and ours

  • ILunds top priority is the safety of the passengers and our crew!

  • We do absolutely everything we can to provide an enjoyable experience.

  • Type 1 P.F.D. is available for each passenger and is easily accessible. 

  • Smoking/vaping and open flames are prohibited on the Tiki boat for everyone's enjoyment. 

  • The Tiki boat operates in the rain. However, the Captain decides to cancel due to weather conditions (typically high winds or thunderstorms).

  • We operate under United States Coast Guards (U.S.C.G.) rules. Bad weather means no ticket sales. However, ticket sales will resume when the weather is acceptable for safe kroozing conditions. 

  • Tiki boat is wiped down and cleaned between each krooz.

  • No passengers are allowed in the area behind the Captain.

  • Please listen to the Captain's instructions at all times.


  • ILUNDS reserves the right to cancel any tour due to weather, safety, mechanical or behavioral issues.  Cancellations are at the captain's discretion and for everyone's enjoyment and safety.

  • If the captain cancels the Tiki krooz before you board, you will receive a raincheck or a refund of your ticket.

  • Behavioral, Intoxication, and underaged drinking are not permitted and will end the Tiki cruise without a refund.

  • For weather-related issues, we may "wait out" a brief shower, reschedule for another day during your stay, or refund if unable to reschedule.

  • We do not give refunds on "No Shows" or missing boarding times. 

  • Cancelations of Private Krooz's with a 14 days notice will receive a refund minus a 10% non-refundable booking fee. 

  • Cancelations of Private Krooz's less than 14 days notice will not be refunded.

  • For Wedding services, please call and book four weeks in advance.

  • ILUNDS reserves the right to change policies, prices, and services provided.

  • The purchase of tickets means you agree to all of the ILUNDS policies.

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